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Monday, 9 May 2011

Just a quickie!

Today has been a long, long day! I started my new job (I say new, I still work for BHS, I have just moved store whilst I am home for the Summer :) today, and as I have a 45 minute commute before starting work at half past 8, I had to catch the 7:30am bus too get there, ouch. My alarm went off at 6:00am, and I couldn't help but snooze for an extra 15 minutes. I surely am not the only person that cannot get up without snoozing!? The day went really well, and the people were really nice. I always hate being the new girl, but I'm sure I wont hold that title for long.

I've not done much since getting home, except play with my adorable little brother, who I cannot believe will be 4 on Thursday, the time has flown but I am happy to say he is growing into a handsome, lovely little boy! :)

Tomorrow I am happy to say I get my amazing boyfriend back, we haven't seen eachother for over a week, which is nothing compared to the 5 weeks we have been whilst I was in Lincoln, but now I am home we are looking forward to a nice, long, happy summer together :) I shall let you know whether we get up to anything nice tomorrow evening!

For now, I need a cuppa tea, some Easter egg and to get snuggled for an early night, my little legs ache so much!

Night night xXx

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