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Sunday, 8 May 2011

My weekend antics...

Here goes for my second post!
A lot has happened this weekend, I have officially moved out of my first Uni flat *sobs*, packed all my stuff and moved back home to the lovely land of Norfolk. Although its nice being home and looked after by my wonderful family, I am sure I will be fed up with it soon, and want to be back in Lincoln, but here goes to enjoying the Summer!

I can barely move in my bedroom at the moment and I am desperately hinting at my Dad to decorate and refurnish before I get too comfortable, so I will keep you updated on how that goes! :) I have though, managed to keep a few boxes packed ready to take back in September, so that's a bonus I guess!? :)

I have also today, finished and submitted the last essays of my first year at Uni! As relieving as it is, I do miss my Uni guys and girls already. I hope they all have lovely Summer's and return in September ready to party hard and make the second year even better than the first!

I must dash now, as if I want to make it into my bed tonight, I must get sorting through some of the junk that has accumulated since my move out!

Take care,

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